Hats for a Lady

We have a few listings coming up this week that we thought we’d share with you! A few very lovely, ladylike hats from the 50’s and 60’s.

This felt fur Breton is already up:

Lorelei - Ivory Felt Fur Breton Hat 50's-60's

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Sneak Peeks

Some of our favorite vintage finds have come from spur of the moment stops at garage and estate sales. Today just happened to be one of those days. We found some superb shoes and other heavenly items that we’ll be posting in the next few months. We might save some for a rainy day, but in the meantime here is a peek at today’s loot from a last minute estate sale (we literally walked in fifteen minutes before they were packing up to leave!) in a gorgeous mid-century home in Seattle.

Tell us, which one are you most excited for?

Thrifting near and far

Yesterday Lise + Katina headed north to do a little thrift shopping. We woke up early, drove straight to Bellingham, and hit every shop we could on our way back down south. We thought we would share a few pictures from our trip:

Thrifting in Bellingham (1)

Thrifting in Bellingham (2)

Thrifting in Bellingham (3)

Thrifting in Bellingham (4)

Thrifting in Bellingham (5)

Thrifting in Bellingham (6)

Thrifting in Bellingham (7)

Thrifting in Bellingham (8)

Thrifting in Bellingham (9)

Thrifting in Bellingham (10)

Thrifting in Bellingham (11)

Thrifting in Bellingham (12)

Thrifting in Bellingham (13)

1. When you get up early you get to see the gorgeous fog! | 2./3. Katina rocking a vintage 1970’s ivory blouse with modern shorts | 4./5. Lise pairs a 1950’s Adele Martin dress with a gold 1970’s ring choker and boots | 6. La-la-la-lattes! | 7. Old Town Cafe in downtown Bellingham is our new love | 8./9. Noms give energy for all day shopping | 10. We don’t know what this is, but we <3 him. | 11. A mid-century sweater with great shape to the knit – you’ll be seeing this in our shop soon (minus the duckface)! | 12. Katina has to keep this perfect 1940’s swing jacket for herself! | 13. We love summer afternoons after full days of thrifting!

Keep an eye on our store for vintage goodies – we’re posting without a theme this week, so we won’t be announcing our listings.

– Lise + Katina

Sneaks Peeks: Early Fall

We are still trying to soak up the last days of summer (it feels like it only just started here in Seattle!), but we have to admit there is a hint of fall in the air. Our listings this week are some great vintage pieces for those crisp autumn mornings and sunny afternoons. See if you can tell from the pictures what we have coming!

Sneak Peek 5

Sneak Peek 4

Sneak Peek 3

Sneak Peek 2

Sneak Peek 1

We will give you one hint: each one of these items we seriously considered keeping for ourselves!

– Lise + Katina

Shopping Day

Want to know what we’re busy doing almost every weekend? Shopping at estate sales, of course!

Our selections for Lise + Katina are chosen discerningly at a wide variety of sources to ensure that we see the full range of what’s out there! However, estate sales are our favorite places to find the best quality vintages loves (with the best stories). This is where we most often stumble upon true gems that have been meticulously stored or cared for over decades by owners who loved them just as much as we know their new owners will!

Here is a little peek into what this weekend was like for us:
Estate Day 2

Estate Day 1

Estate Day 5

Estate Day 4

Estate Day 6

Estate Day 3

Up at sunrise to be at the first sale when it opens | Coffee is a must | We found loads of handkerchiefs in perfect condition | A few extremely special treasures | A rainbow of scarves | Old fashion magazines are always a bonus!

See anything you like? Feel free to ask questions. Everything pictured is working it’s way into our store within the coming weeks!

– Lise + Katina

Blouse Week!

At Lise + Katina we are dedicating a week to classic pieces for your autumn wardrobe: blouses! Every day this week we will be listing one of these beautiful basics, and we will also be talking a little bit about how to wear them (more on that later!). For now, enjoy a preview of this week’s vintage loves:

Halston III Patterned Blouse

Halston III Cream Blouse

Notations Paisley Blouse

Notches Silver Tuxedo Blouse

Nicola Peachy Pink Tuxedo Blouse

If you have any questions about an item before it has been listed feel free to email us at liseandkatina@gmail.com.

-Lise + Katina

Weekend Preview

Happy Friday everybody! Wow, the week sure goes by quickly when you have a ton of exciting new vintage pieces to sort, clean and photograph!

We will be away from the blog again for the weekend, but there will be two new postings in our store over the next two days. here’s a sneak peek: what do you think they could be?

See you Monday!

-Lise + Katina

Summer brights

We’re heading away from the blog world again for the weekend (but don’t worry, orders from our shop will still be processed). We might be finding some extra time to soak up some sun too – it finally feels like summer in Seattle! In the spirit of the season, here is a sneak peek of some summer shades, coming to our shop shortly!

We’ll see you again next week!

-Lise + Katina

Golden Afternoon

Happy Friday everyone!

Katina and I are away from the blog for the weekend – but you know we’ll still be working hard to find more vintage loves for you! We’ll be back on Monday, but for now here’s a sneak peek of some of the new items coming to our shop next week! Notice a theme?

Have a great weekend!

– Lise

Coming soon!

Our Etsy shop is almost ready to go live!

Last minute weights and measurements, double and triple checking everything, and then we’re ready to get our first batch of lovely vintage goodies up for you to see! Until then, please enjoy some pictures of Lise goofing off at our photoshoot. With these, of course, you get a few more sneak peeks of some of our listings!

– Lise + Katina