Scarf Tutorial 5 – Head Wrap Bow

Happy Friday! We have a cute scarf style to show you today, but I’m afraid our images for our tutorial just didn’t turn out how we wanted them to, (we swear we’re not just slacking off because it’s Friday!) so you’re going to have to settle for our explanation instead. Good thing it’s a simple one!

So, this is one more of our favorite styles, the head wrap with a bow:

Scarf Tutorial 1

It really is quite an effortless look to achieve. Simply fold a large square scarf into a triangle, and, placing the middle of the folded edge against your neck, wrap around your head, tying at your forehead. Tuck in the edges so it looks nice, then tie the ends into a bow, and position it at your forehead, or by your ear.

Scarf Tutorial 2

Waa laa! Easy and adorable!

We are absolutely in love with the scarf we used for this style – we encourage you to hop on over to Etsy so you can see the whole thing laid out flat. It’s amazing.

That concludes our scarf week! We hoped you enjoyed the pieces we chose, and the tutorials we gave you! We’ll have some more scarves for you next week, so keep an eye on our shop, or like us on Facebook to get the first word when we put up something new.


Good morning! We hope your weekend was as fun as ours! We got to enjoy some summer sun, and Katina found an amazing 1960’s coat for herself that I’m sure you’ll be seeing her wearing the first day the weather is cold enough for it!

For you today, we have 3 new scarves!

Classic, graphic, bold and colorful! All three scarves are silk, square, and large enough to make a pretty little knot at your neck, or a stylish head wrap. We have a green and ivory 1980’s Echo, a red and gold patterned scarf from China, and an abstract gold and blue Michael Murray. Please check out the rest of our shop as well to see even more scarves and other vintage goodies!

– Lise + Katina