Loves for Less – Riding Jackets

Both of us at Lise and Katina have been finishing the last of our Christmas shopping this week (No, we’re definitely not the type to be done before Thanksgiving!), and, as always, one of our favorite places to find the perfect gifts is J. Crew. Everything Jenna Lyons touches is solid gold, as far as we’re concerned, and this hacking jacket is a standout classic:

J. Crew Hacking Jacket

How do we know it’s a true classic piece that won’t ever go out of style? Well, aside from the fact that you can never go wrong with a tailored wool jacket in a season-less color with timeless preppy details…. because we happen to have an almost identical vintage piece in our shop! British riding fashion has always been an inspiration to polished, preppy styles, and whether you go with our near-perfect condition Pendleton ($37.50), or the shiny new J. Crew ($250.00), you’re going to be getting a garment that will outlast a lifetime of coming and going trends!

1970's Pendleton Riding Jacket

1 | 2

Check out both versions and let us know how you would dress them up or down!

– Lise + Katina

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