Sneaks Peeks: Early Fall

We are still trying to soak up the last days of summer (it feels like it only just started here in Seattle!), but we have to admit there is a hint of fall in the air. Our listings this week are some great vintage pieces for those crisp autumn mornings and sunny afternoons. See if you can tell from the pictures what we have coming!

Sneak Peek 5

Sneak Peek 4

Sneak Peek 3

Sneak Peek 2

Sneak Peek 1

We will give you one hint: each one of these items we seriously considered keeping for ourselves!

– Lise + Katina

Shopping Day

Want to know what we’re busy doing almost every weekend? Shopping at estate sales, of course!

Our selections for Lise + Katina are chosen discerningly at a wide variety of sources to ensure that we see the full range of what’s out there! However, estate sales are our favorite places to find the best quality vintages loves (with the best stories). This is where we most often stumble upon true gems that have been meticulously stored or cared for over decades by owners who loved them just as much as we know their new owners will!

Here is a little peek into what this weekend was like for us:
Estate Day 2

Estate Day 1

Estate Day 5

Estate Day 4

Estate Day 6

Estate Day 3

Up at sunrise to be at the first sale when it opens | Coffee is a must | We found loads of handkerchiefs in perfect condition | A few extremely special treasures | A rainbow of scarves | Old fashion magazines are always a bonus!

See anything you like? Feel free to ask questions. Everything pictured is working it’s way into our store within the coming weeks!

– Lise + Katina

Blouse Basics

At Lise + Katina, this week is blouse week: we are featuring one every day in our shop! Every girl needs at least one or two to round out her wardrobe. Simple, modern blouses are always nice to have around as office basics and easy casual pieces, but the unique details of a vintage blouse can bring a little something extra to your everyday looks! Antiqued buttons and retro dart and seam placements can make a vintage piece feel more special than a new one, and period styles like Peter Pan collars, ascots, or a sailor’s middy can turn a average outfit into an amazing one!

When searching for a vintage blouse that works for you, we try to consider fit first (and remember that a good tailor can do wonders at a reasonable cost!), but then again, we love an over-sized blouse billowing over fitted trousers or skirts, so what you should really consider is how you will wear it, and what works best for you. How will you work it into your closet? To keep your outfits from looking dated try to incorporate only one or two vintage pieces, and keep the rest of the look modern. For example, pair a lacy high-necked blouse with a sleekly tailored modern pencil skirt, a pair of basic suede booties, and a small stack of delicate bracelets and rings – perhaps a blend of vintage and modern. This method of styling allows the beauty of your one-of-a-kind piece to shine without overpowering you with kitsch.

When needing inspiration, we have plenty of personal and street style blogs that we love to pore over. Here are a few of our favorite looks from our favorite ladies:

Atlantic-Pacific Blouse

The Stylish Wanderer Blouse

M Loves M Blouse

Vanessa Jackman Blouse

1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4

Get creative, and send us some of your own favorite looks too!

-Lise + Katina

Blouse Week!

At Lise + Katina we are dedicating a week to classic pieces for your autumn wardrobe: blouses! Every day this week we will be listing one of these beautiful basics, and we will also be talking a little bit about how to wear them (more on that later!). For now, enjoy a preview of this week’s vintage loves:

Halston III Patterned Blouse

Halston III Cream Blouse

Notations Paisley Blouse

Notches Silver Tuxedo Blouse

Nicola Peachy Pink Tuxedo Blouse

If you have any questions about an item before it has been listed feel free to email us at

-Lise + Katina

This week

Good morning! This week we’re giving you a full preview of what we’ll be listing each day! Our need to squeeze all kinds of fun into the last weeks of summer was our inspiration for our selections this week, so we went with a couple of color blocking basics, a couple of saturated florals with loads of swirly fabric, and a one-of-a-kind bohemian locket.

In our shop already is this beautiful floor-length caftan by Susie Q of California:

Susie Q Electric Pink Caftan

Over the next couple of days we’ll have these beauties ready for sale:

Kelly Green Pencil Skirt

Jonathan Logan Floral Dress

Red Pendleton Blazer

Goldette Medallion Locket

These are some of the pieces we were the most excited about finding – ones that we have a hard time not keeping for ourselves! We hope you love them as much as we do!

-Lise + Katina

Sixties Loves

As much as I love shopping for vintage clothing (The history! The authenticity!), I often get just as excited about seeing the vintage inspired clothing that is being made now. This fall sixties styles were all over the runways and, being one of my favorite decades to stumble upon pieces from, I can’t tell you how much I adore what has been designed by Burberry Prorsum, Prada, Jil Sander, and so on. But of course none of those pretties really fit my budget or my lifestyle – which is why I am so psyched about some of the more affordable collections coming out this season! Banana Republic has their amazing Mad Men collection; Anthropologie is featuring some more quirky and loosely 60’s inspired designs. But noticing H & M’s “Modern Vintage” selection today truly made me smile. Take a look, and tell me you’re not in love!



Weekend Preview

Happy Friday everybody! Wow, the week sure goes by quickly when you have a ton of exciting new vintage pieces to sort, clean and photograph!

We will be away from the blog again for the weekend, but there will be two new postings in our store over the next two days. here’s a sneak peek: what do you think they could be?

See you Monday!

-Lise + Katina

Casual Clutches

We have a another pair of listings for you this Friday! Take a peek at the shop and let us know what you think of our two super cute clutches!

Friday Clutches

The adorable black one was made by Nordstrom in the 1980’s, and the gorgeous powder blue is a mid-century Harry Levine.


-Lise + Katina

Casual Vintage

So often when we are shopping for vintage online we are looking for a special piece for a specific event, a mint condition addition to a collection, or the most unique and lovely item to become a beloved heirloom. Many times these extraordinary antique clothes and accessories that we buy are fragile, and are carefully stored so that they may be preserved for special occasions. They may only be worn a handful of times by their new owner. Certainly these delicate relics of another time are worthwhile to collect, and have as much value as the buyer who loves them places on them, but there is another side to collecting vintage as well!

There is a whole world of casual vintage clothing out there in great condition that you can use to add a flair to your wardrobe that modern styles just can’t compete with! Aside from our special occasion and fashion purchases, we still need comfortable summer dresses, broken in sneakers and leather jackets, and warm wooly sweaters.  The older versions of these items are, while often a little worn, typically of better quality and can be found at lower prices than their modern counterparts. They’re also nearly one-of-a-kind – you won’t be caught wearing the same outfit as anyone else! But often we keep an eye out for ourselves while thrifting, only to find that the perfect 1940’s beaded cardigan is not our size and has a huge hole in the front. Shopping for vintage on Etsy can make things much easier.

Here are a few tips for buying everyday vintage on Etsy:

*Shop with fit in mind, first and foremost. It doesn’t matter what kind of incredible condition those motorcycle boots are in – if they’re a half size too small you’ll be miserable when you actually have to walk in them. That said, a clothing item that is too big can usually be taken in, and many vintage skirts and pants do have extra fabric at the hems to add length if necessary. Before buying an item that you plan to tailor, as questions of the seller about the construction in the areas you plan on altering, and talk to your tailor first if you’re in doubt. While shopping, consider that most sellers tag their items by size and you should include that in your search terms. When browsing a favorite clothing shop, we like to stick to sellers who mention the sizing in the title (you can view this while shopping in list view). This is something that we make sure to do ourselves!

*Shop around! Say you stumble upon the best winter coat – it fits your measurements perfectly, the color suits you, and the condition is pristine. However the price seems a little on the steep side… but it’s one of a kind! Shouldn’t you snap it up before someone else does? We recommend looking around first – search for similar coats made by the same designer and in the same condition, with equivalent details such as materials, cut, and era. You may find that the price is fair, particularly because of the condition, but you may also find that a 10 or 20% discount would bring it down to a more commonly listed price. Before you settle for a cheaper, but less desirable version  – talk to the seller of the coat you love! As long as you are polite and understanding to the shop owner, most would be happy to take a fair discount off the cost to make the sale, and hopefully gain a repeat customer (Just don’t abuse this – haggling works best when it is fair to both parties!).

*Consider unexpected potential. Not every vintage item is going to be wearable as is. There are plenty of gorgeous pieces out there with flaws that can’t be fixed, but if you draw on a little creativity you might be able to snag a garment with character and salvage it with an alteration or an unpredictable way of wearing it – and the low cost of damaged vintage will make it worthwhile. For example: a sundress with a beautiful eyelet skirt, but a stained top. Throw a sweater over it, and pair it with leggings and boots for a stunning cold weather style. Or have a tailor cut off the top, and sew on an entirely new bodice for a vintage take on the combo dress – or even add a waistband to the top, and make it a stand alone skirt. A note, however: when contemplating buying a piece to rework, you should generally make sure that it is the most interesting part of the garment that is undamaged.

*Above all, ask questions! When shopping online you won’t have the opportunity to feel and inspect the piece before buying. Make sure you run all of your concerns by the seller before purchasing, and if you’re genuinely interested in buying, but concerned it might sell before your questions are answered, ask the seller to reserve it for you while you discuss!

Now then, you didn’t think we would tell you all about how fabulous casual vintage clothing can be without offering up a few items from our own shop, did you? Of course not! Today we have two new sweaters circa 1970’s/1980’s. Both are made by Koret’s lines – one from Koret Career (yellow), and one from Vamp by Koret (striped). Both lend themselves to modern styling quite well, and are in near perfect condition – no creative camouflage needed here!

Koret Career Yellow knit

Vamp by Koret Sweater

How fun and cute would you feel running your errands in one of these?

Now, don’t forget to check your measurements, and ask us if you have any questions at all! ;)

– Lise + Katina


Good morning! We hope your weekend was as fun as ours! We got to enjoy some summer sun, and Katina found an amazing 1960’s coat for herself that I’m sure you’ll be seeing her wearing the first day the weather is cold enough for it!

For you today, we have 3 new scarves!

Classic, graphic, bold and colorful! All three scarves are silk, square, and large enough to make a pretty little knot at your neck, or a stylish head wrap. We have a green and ivory 1980’s Echo, a red and gold patterned scarf from China, and an abstract gold and blue Michael Murray. Please check out the rest of our shop as well to see even more scarves and other vintage goodies!

– Lise + Katina